Fuzz Toggle With Presets

I’m running the MC6 with the Preamp MKII and it is seriously amazing. Hopefully I can explain this question so it makes sense.

I have my MC6 bank so that the A,B,C foot-switch’s each launch a different preset on the Preamp MKII. I’ll refer to these as presets A,B,C.

My [D] footswitch toggles the fuzz circuit on/off on the Preamp MKII.

The problem I run into is if I am running preset [A] and I turn the fuzz [D] on and then switch to preset [B] the fuzz is now off because that preset doesn’t have it on by default but my [D] footswitch is still toggled to the “on” position. So if I want to turn the fuzz on again for this new preset I have to hit the [D] footswitch twice (once to toggle it “off” and once more to toggle it “on”.

I’m sure there is probably a simple way that I could remedy this so that when I hit footswitch/preset [B] on the MC6 it would reset [D] so the Fuzz toggle mode is “off”. So that I would be ready to hit the fuzz on with only one tap.

Any ideas? Hope that make sense.

All you need to do is programm a ‘set toggle’ with ‘dis-engage’ and check the box for ‘preset D’ on your presets A, B and C.

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Amazing and simple!
Thanks so much for the screenshot!

Can’t wait to give this a go!

Just wanted to say thanks again! Works like a charm! So easy too!

Amazing how the MC6 has always been able to do anything I could dream up.
Only one time I had a new idea and James made it happen and added it to the very next update. What a stellar product and company I can’t say enough good about them.