Fuzz and dirt and mod and delay (and a MC3)

Hey y’all- first post here, may as well be the current state of my pedalboard. I’m doing final wiring on this now, and assigning tasks to the MC3. The signal path is based around Fuzz > Dirt > Modulation > Delay, resulting in a stereo signal feeding two amps. The MC3 is handling preset switching in the second half of the board, and hosting a DVP4 for shared EXP duties over MIDI. All powered by a Cioks DC7.
Kinsgley Artisan > Kingsley Jester Custom > Cornish GC-1 > Lehle VP > Suhr Discovery Delay > Strymon Zelzah >> Meris LVX >> left and right amps

I landed on this combination of pedals a while back but I’ve been holding out for a Morningstar switcher. I thought thru the pros/cons of the ML10x vs. the ML5, would be interested in hearing pros/cons from the group here- in the end, I’ve settled on hunting for a ML5, but the stock shortage has been frustrating. It kinda comes down to the Kingsleys; I’d really rather them not be in a buffered loop (the Artisan in particular needs to see the signal straight from your pickups), and if I run them before the input of the switcher, I don’t really need 10 loops. So the thought is put Artisan, Jester, Cornish, VP and Discovery in the ML5, with the Artisan in an unbuffered loop, then run the output of the ML5 into the Zelzah, fed stereo into LVX, and just control the on/off states of the downstream pedals with MIDI.
After searching unsuccessfully for too long for an ML5, I got away from thinking I needed preset combinations of the dirt boxes, so I’m just wiring it all up in series.
The MC3 has pages for each pedal (Discovery/Zelzah/LVX) with buttons engaging presets via PC msgs, and corresponding CCs for EXP duties on the various pedals. If implementing a ML5 I’d likely replace the MC3 with a MC6 Pro (again, if I could buy either of these things). Perhaps when things become more available I’ll tear it all down again and redo it, but I doubt the order would change.


…-> Left & Right Amps → Sub Woofer :laughing:

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