Fractal integration Fm3

Is the Fm3 fractal integration option available with the MC6 pro?

Yes it is, I’m using it myself.

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selecting the presets I see 6 presets on the screen, how can I access the next 6 and so on? the same thing happens with the scenes I can only see the first 6 scenes, how can I activate the scene 7 and 8?

When in preset mode, you can press A+B or B+C to scroll up and down.

For scene mode, you only have access to the first 6 scenes for the MC6 PRO.

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@james When I change the preset in the Fm3 it changes the bank in the MC6 pro!!! If I change the configuration in the Fm3 pc mapping off, the MC6 pro banks are not changed when I change the Fm3 preset.

but when I am for example above preset 6 of the fm3 and I enter again to the fractal preset integration the MC6 pro shows me the first 6 presets of the Fm3 and not where I was before.

What am I missing? I already had my Fm3 set up perfectly with my mc6 mkii now I don’t know what I’m missing.

I sold the MC6 mkii to buy the pro and I can’t check what is different. By the way in the manual about configuring for fractal integration seems to be out of date info for the mc6 pro. It comes only for the mc6 and mc8 and mentions about configuring on the Morningstar midi thru off and midi clock off and on the mc6 pro I can’t find those options.

Likely the FM3 is sending a PC message on the same channel as the MC6 PRO. You’ll just need to change the MC6 PRO MIDI channel to an unused channel.

I’m having some issues with the FM3 tuner in fractal integration. While the mc6pro sends the CC and the FM3 goes in tuner mode, the mc6 pro doesn’t receive any tuner information on the screen.
Can anybody help me?

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Is the MIDI OUT from the FM3 connected back to the MC6PRO MIDI IN? Are you using the 5pin MIDI ports or the 3.5mm MIDI Ports on the MC6 PRO?

Hi james, thank you for your reply. The tuner integration doesn’t work neither way.
The scene/preset integration works with no problems on the 5 din out, while it doesn’t from the 3,5 ports (but you already sent me an email about this).
Thank you.