Fractal fm3 recognition

I just received an mc8, and for the life of me, I can’t get it to talk to my fm3.

i’ve checked everything ( cables mc8 setup etc.)multiple times and still, no luck
does someone have a step by step checklist?

sorry for the stupidity…


There’s a lot of good info in this thread here.

I think I am having a similar issue. If I use a simple set up, like MIDI out of my MC8 to MIDI in of my FM3, I don’t believe messages are being sent.

For example, I can set up a PC change to go to a preset #, but when I click the switch, nothing happens. I can create bank jumps and move around within the MC8 itself, but I can not confirm messages are being received by the FM3.

Hi! You have disconnected from the editor before pressing switches, right? Also, use midi monitor in the editor to verify that midi is being sent.

That’s was an easy fix! I disconnected all my cables and reconnected, then made sure I was not connected to the computer and it work!

By “disconnect” I mean “clicking the button within the editor to disconnect” rather than physically unplugging the cables.

I know what you meant. Lol. that solves about 90% of my issues. The other 10% are all user error.

I have the FM 3 responding to preset and screen inc/dec ok
if I select fractal integration on a switch, exactly what should i see happen when I press the switch?
so far i can’t see anything change, although I see midi hitting the fm3

any help is appreciated.

thnx in advance