Fractal Automation FM3 and MC8

Hi guys, has anyone managed to get their MC8 to integrate their FM3 so that the MC8 mirrors the Scene names for each preset. I’ve copied the walk thru video on Youtube but had no luck. Any advice from someone who has got this working would be gratefully received.
I have midi in and outs connected correctly.
I have Midi thru disabled on the MC8
I have both FM3 and MC8 on Midi Channel 1.

Aloha… Soooooo, Apparently, there was a bug. First, you should back up the MC* and then redownload the firmware and then try it all again. Works like a charm. what I can’t resolve is how to get the MC6 to show ALL the scene names (If I have more than 5 scenes… )

Good luck!

Many thanks for the info - I will give it a try - much appreciated.

There seems to be mixed reviews on getting it to work with the FM3. We only have the AxeFX3 that we use to test with in the office, without any issues. The FM3 integration was confirmed working with FM3 users that we were working with. It should be a setting in your configuration, although I can’t pinpoint what. Can you share a screenshot of your MC8 controller general configuration settings in the editor?

Hi James,
Thanks for jumping in on this. I have attached a screen shot of my General Config Settings in the Editor and the Edit Preset Page.

When I press button A on the MC8 I get the AxeFx not found message. All midi connections are fine as the way I normally use it is to have the MC8 change the 8 scenes on a preset and that works fine as it is clearly sending midi messages to the FM3.

Thanks for your attention with this.

Can you share a photo of how it’s connected to the FM3? If it shows Not Found that means that it’s not receiving any data from the FM3

Hi there, photo attached, each cable tested using the FM3 and MC8 to send Scene Changes from the MC8 to the FM3. Thanks. Colin

Thanks for the pic. It’s very likely some setting on the FM3 that is preventing it from working. Can you check that:

  1. Send Realtime SysEx is turned ON in the FM3
  2. Is there a setting on the FM3 to turn MIDI Thru off?
  3. Set MC8 to a different MIDI channel as the FM3 (should not affect anything but worth a try, since the FM3 using the same port for MIDI OUT/THRU).

I’m able to get it to work 100% of the time with my AxeFX. Unfortunately, we don’t have an FM3 to test with but most users are able to get it to work fine as well. Hope we’re able to pinpoint the correct settings for the FM3.

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fairly sure I’ve tried all of the suggestions, including a factory reset on the MC8 but I will go through it again - I’m away for a week so won’t be able to update my findings until I get back but many thanks for the help and suggestions. Fingers crossed.

Sorted - On the FM3 Midi Mapping was turned Off and it should be Turned On!

Is there any way for the MC8 NOT to show the two middle lines:
[AxeFX] Scene Select
[Preset 1] Two

Happy Days. Many thanks, Colin

Great! Thanks for the update.

Currently there isn’t much customisation available for this. Maybe in future updates.

Cool - many thanks, Colin

I have the same problem with mc6, and this solve the problem

Please can you share a photo of this settings in Fm3?

I have a similar problem with the MC6 I configure for example A for Fm3 integration when I make the first attempt the preset names appear and I return to the initial page, and when I go back to switch A the names do not appear only EXIT, when I configure switch A for SCENES the names do not appear (EXIT still appears) but it does the scene changes and when I configure switch A for PRESET/ESCENE I get the error of no axe device…

I have the latest updates

Sorry for late reply - been away.

What would you like a photo of (which settings?)