[FR] Retain shift states when going back to bank

Just like we have “Remember toggle states”, could we have “Remember shift states”?


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When we designed the Shift function, it was only meant to be used within the same bank. We’ve got a few requests for this “remember shift state” feature - we can look into the feasibility of this in the next update.


James, how do you program CC messages that they work in the base vs the shift state? Is it done in the POS field? If I use 1 or 2 vs “shift” how does the controller know to use POS 1 & 2 in the “shift state” vs the “base state”?

At the risk of jumping in before the big man, just set the message in the preset to position ‘shift’ as opposed to the usual both, 1 or 2.

Then (assuming you’ve shifted prior to pressing the preset’s switch) only the messages that you’ve set to shift will engage.

You can set shift by eg having a dedicated preset for shift/unshift (set toggle to shift) or setting a bank enter event to shift.

I haven’t got my head around Shift+ yet :face_with_monocle:

If you haven’t watched yet, this breaks it down nicely… The SHIFT State - The third, temporary toggle position - YouTube

I’ll post some screengrabs of one of my banks that uses shift when I get a moment. I have a preset to toggle shift on or off. When unshifted, a couple of buttons let me browse pedal a presets and when shifted they let me browse pedal b presets

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A preset can have 2 shift states, we call them Shift and Shift+.
Shift will just execute all the preset messages that are set to Pos: Shift.
Shift+ will execute the above, along with all the messages in the preset’s current toggle position.

So, if you want to send 1 CC message while the preset is shifted, you should use the Shift and not Shift+ in the Set Toggle message type, and then set the CC message to the Pos: Shift position.

Hope that helps!