[FR/Question] Dynamically assigning CC to expression pedal

I’m trying to achieve something a bit funky.
Basically I want to press any of a number of switches and have the expression pedal control a corresponding CC.

Of course one can assign the 16 messages of the expression pedal, but when you’re handling several devices, possibly setting autoengage as well (which unless I’m doing it wrong it takes 3 of the 16 messages), you run out of messages pretty quickly.

My idea is that this can be done more flexibly if:

  1. we allow the “Control Change” instruction to reference a scroll counter as CC number
  2. we add a “Set only” instruction (and also “Set and send”, if we want to be complete) that sets the scroll counter to a specified number, instead of just being able to increment/decrement/reset to default

This way the switches can “Set only” the scroll counter, and the expression pedal remains assigned to the same “Control Change” message, but the CC number is updated when you press one of the switches.
What do you guys think?

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