[FR] Editor: Preset up / down hot keys

Minor editor enhancement request.

I love the Shift + up and Shift + down hot keys for banking up and down. I know I can use / + A etc for selecting presets, but any chance of adding Ctrl + up and Ctrl + down for preset up / down?

Doesn’t seem to be used by Chrome: Chrome keyboard shortcuts - Computer - Google Chrome Help


Thanks for the feedback.

Actually, we are using shift + up/down for bank up and down already. By preset up/down, do you mean going from preset a… b… c… d…?

Sorry! I typed my request wrongly, have edited it. Yes, it would be lovely to be able to use Ctrl + up to go from preset A to preset B sort of thing…

It could be nice to be able to choose accelerator keys and store this selection in Editor settings, so I will have a chance to select something compatible with my local keyboard/browser/windows config.
I am sure I am not the only to be using non US keyboard…

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