[FR] Delaying / Quantizing Actions and MIDI Messages

I have a looper pedal that I control over MIDI with an MC6 MK2. I often wish the ending of my loops could have been quantized to the closest bar so that I would not have to be as diligent with hitting the switches on time to get a nice, on-time loop. If the MC6 could operate such that if I press to start recording and then press to stop recording before a full bar elapsed, then the MC6 will delay sending the stop recording signal from being sent out until the next nearest bar has been counted to by the MIDI clock. It would be great if time signatures could be adjusted as well like BPM. Other use cases for quantizing actions and MIDI messages to cue BPM or PC changes to occur after the current bar has played or temporarily enable effects for a specific musical length.

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I’m not sure how accurate it will be for the MC6 to determine the next nearest bar. If there is a trigger from your device/DAW to send all the queued messages then it would work better.

@Joe_K This should be something similar to the MIDI Bar Marker that we were discussing?

@james, sorry for the delay, hadn’t logged in over here for a while.

Yes, it sounds like @VSantillo is describing the use case we were talking about exactly. CLOCKstep is already sending out the standard MIDI Bar Marker message at the top of every new bar as it counts off, all that should be required of another MIDI Controller is an option for the user to defer a command until that Bar Marker message is received. No need for the controller to be aware of Time Signature or persist a beat count since that is handled within CLOCKstep already.

My hope is that people who need the sort of MIDI Clock and Control features found in CLOCKstep will also be able to coordinate it with larger, general purpose controllers like an MC to create patterns of control over loopers that would otherwise not be possible.

I know adding features takes a certain amount of community feedback … this is certainly a new type of thing that I feel looping artists in particular will come to realize they want more of, but it may take some time.