ForScore Bluetooth Midi Banking the MC6

I use the Music Binder iPad app “ForScore” to send MIDI PC messages via a HiFing MIDI Bluetooth device. I’ve used it for years to change presets with Strymon, Line6, Walrus Audio, Digitech and other MIDI pedals. It’s worked great for years and years.

I’m trying to streamline things and incorporate the MC6 into this setup. I want to have ForScore send PC messages to automate switching banks on the MC6. Then I’ll have the MC6 send all my other PC & CC messages to my other pedals upon entering the bank.

It is not working. It isn’t responding to the MIDI PC messages I’m sending it, and it isn’t passing my MIDI messages from the HiFing to the other pedals either. I just want to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

The ForScore app will only send PC messages and it is in this format:
[CH] [MSB] [LSB] [0-127]

So if I’m trying to go to different banks shouldn’t the PC messages be:
Bank One: [1][x][x][0]
Bank Two: [1][x][x][1]
Bank Three: [1][x][x][2]

If I take the MC6 out of the equation I can still control the other pedals.

My MC6 is set to MIDI channel 1.
MIDI Thru is turned on.
Cross MIDI Thru is turned off.

I realize this isn’t a typical setup, but I’d love any help I can get.

So I just thought I’d update this post and ask for a different kind of help…

When I hooked up the HiFing Bluetooth MIDI to my HX Stomp and then from the HX Stomp MIDI Out to the MC6 MIDI In the program changes worked and the banks on the MC6 changed accordingly.

Does this mean there is a glitch in the MC6?

I’m trying to rethink my MIDI chain loop now as I need the HX Stomp down stream of the MC6.