ForScore Bluetooth Midi Banking the MC6

I use the Music Binder iPad app “ForScore” to send MIDI PC messages via a HiFing MIDI Bluetooth device. I’ve used it for years to change presets with Strymon, Line6, Walrus Audio, Digitech and other MIDI pedals. It’s worked great for years and years.

I’m trying to streamline things and incorporate the MC6 into this setup. I want to have ForScore send PC messages to automate switching banks on the MC6. Then I’ll have the MC6 send all my other PC & CC messages to my other pedals upon entering the bank.

It is not working. It isn’t responding to the MIDI PC messages I’m sending it, and it isn’t passing my MIDI messages from the HiFing to the other pedals either. I just want to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

The ForScore app will only send PC messages and it is in this format:
[CH] [MSB] [LSB] [0-127]

So if I’m trying to go to different banks shouldn’t the PC messages be:
Bank One: [1][x][x][0]
Bank Two: [1][x][x][1]
Bank Three: [1][x][x][2]

If I take the MC6 out of the equation I can still control the other pedals.

My MC6 is set to MIDI channel 1.
MIDI Thru is turned on.
Cross MIDI Thru is turned off.

I realize this isn’t a typical setup, but I’d love any help I can get.

So I just thought I’d update this post and ask for a different kind of help…

When I hooked up the HiFing Bluetooth MIDI to my HX Stomp and then from the HX Stomp MIDI Out to the MC6 MIDI In the program changes worked and the banks on the MC6 changed accordingly.

Does this mean there is a glitch in the MC6?

I’m trying to rethink my MIDI chain loop now as I need the HX Stomp down stream of the MC6.

Would you be kind enough to provide more details on how you ‘receive’ the wireless (Bluetooth) MIDI messages?
I want to send MIDI messages to my pedalboard, to some receiver - then push them to my Strymon Conduit (a new MIDI control box as of June 2021).

I CAN: I can use MIDI Designer, and MIDIMITTR on my iPad to send the messages……but what can I put on my pedalboard to

  1. Receive the messages
  2. Push them on to the Strymon Conduit

I have a WIDI Master, but it requires power in the MIDI OUT jack, and Strymon’s pedals - specifically the conduit, does NOT provide power.



Hi AJ.
I ran into the same problem of powering my HiFing Bluetooth MIDI and later my WIDI Master that replaced it. I solved it initially by heading to ebay and finding a small circuit board that will let you take 9v and reduce it to 5v that USB uses. It is called MP1584.
There’s a ton on ebay and Amazon… here is one currently listed:

You’ll also need 2.1mm female DC Sockets like this:

If you’re patient they only cost the price of a coffee or two, but if you want it quickly you can pay more for it. You’ll need to be handy enough to solder 4 wires. Two from a socket to the PCB input and two from the PCB output to USB cable.

I made mine a bit more complex and hard wired it to the USB cable, but also split the power before the PCB at 9V to a second DC output. This lets me use one output from my power adapter to power the WIDI Master and a pedal at the same time. I did this because the WIDI Master uses almost no milliamps. I basically made it a daisy chain for one extra pedal. If you’re interested I can take some photo’s showing the final product. I think it cost me about $10 and I had enough stuff to make two so I could have a backup.

You’ll also need a multimeter to be able to measure the step down voltage to dial it in to 5v.

So that is how I initially solved it. Then I got a Walrus D1 delay and discovered it has MIDI power, so I’ve just using that now. I swap things out occasionally, so if I take the D1 off my board I’ll need my DIY box back in there.

The Conduit looks awesome. I’m surprised they didn’t flow power to any of the MIDI ports, that’s such a shame. I love Strymon, but I’ve noticed all of my other MIDI pedals have power but not theirs. I’m a bit reckless sometimes, so I would be tempted to crack it open and see if I could build this right inside of it. The PCB is about the size of a nickel.

I’ve had this on an Amazon list for a while in case I ever need to get one. So, I haven’t ever actually tested one, but I think it does the same thing already assembled if anyone is looking for one in the future. 12V to 5V DC USB Buck Converter, DROK Dual USB Port Fast Charger Board Auto Power Supply Adapter DC-DC 6-30V 12V 24V to 5V 9V Voltage Step Down Regulator Car Volt Transformer: Electronics

That is super cool! It looks basically like what I built but with the much bulkier USB Type A outputs. That might not matter if you’ve got lots of space under your board, or if you could find a right angle USB cable. It does take the guess work out of finding the correct voltage if you don’t know how to use a multimeter. I wonder if they make a USB Type C version? I could see throwing one in my bag to have on hand for a phone charger off my board in a pinch. The price is incredible too. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Hi……first - THANK YOU for your replies. It’s great to see problems get solved. IMHO - it’s sad, companies like Strymon don’t see the future as wireless, and attempt make any new products (specifically the Conduit) support that.

SooOOoooOOooo…… what I think I’m going to do is this:
a) return my Strymon conduit since the MIDI out has no power
b) purchase this: Meris MIDI I/O

I reached out to their support, and the gentleman said it DOES provide 5V through the MIDI out, and so I “think” it can replace Strymon Conduit because it pushes the MIDI message out through the TRS cables; exactly like the Strymon Conduit does.

Myself…I’m not the guy to solder stuff together, although that’s very cool. So hopefully I can get this MIDI I/O to receive wireless bluetooth messages that I’ll send from my iPad.

I will keep everyone informed

Awesome! Glad I could help. I keep waiting for someone to come out with a product that is the WIDI Jack and the Conduit all rolled into one. I’d truly love it to be Morningstar actually. Imagine an MC6 or MC8 with Bluetooth midi capabilities. I would buy it in a heart beat and keep my current MC6 to use with it.

When Strymon announced the Conduit I was super excited thinking this was finally going to be it… MIDI and Bluetooth rolled into one…and then I watched the product video and read the specs as was super underwhelmed to see a product that essentially already existed many times over by other companies. Theirs was just smaller. It shows they are primarily guitar players unaware of the needs of keys players and people like us. 5v in MIDI has been standard for decades everywhere except guitar pedals.

I’m excited that you can return the Conduit and get something that’ll suite your needs. I’m happy to help if you have any more questions when the time comes… MIDI can be a headache sometimes but it’s worth the learning curve in the long run. The stuff I can do live on stage with one touch of my iPad screen is impossible without MIDI. It makes gigs so much more fun and relaxing.