For multiple devices - MC3 vs. the others?

I play in a band where I double on guitar and keyboards. I use a Boss GT-1000 Core, Roland Juno-DS, and Boss VE-500 (for vocals). I’d like to be able to cue up two devices at a time between songs (sometimes all three), so that I don’t have to switch patches on one at a time. Is it possible with the MC3, or do I need more controllability? I want to leave the GT and VE in their manual modes, and turn effects on and off from their switches, so all I would need is to be able to scroll between songs.

Simply put, if the device you want to control allows MIDI control of the parameter, setting, function etc that you want to control and you can run a MIDI chain from the controller to all devices then yes - any Morningstar controller can do this!

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