FM9 + MC8 presets

Hi! I have an MC8 connected to my FM9 Turbo via 5 Pin MIDI cable and the FM9 to the MC8. MIDI Thru is turned off on both devices to impede a loop. Bank 1 on the MC8 is showing preset 1 - 6 of the FM9. Pressing preset 1 takes me to Bank 2 of the MC8 and the FM9 is loading preset 1. I also want to be able to chose a preset on the FM9 and updating the right bank on the MC8. I thought I had the right settings and it kinda worked… I chose preset 1 on the FM9 and the MC8 showed the right bank, but 1 second after that it jumped one bank further… not every time, what was really confusing… I tried to check the MIDI monitor, what messages are coming in. But that isn’t possible, because it refreshes every time the FM9 sends a PC to the MC8… please help!