FM3+MC6MkII integration

Hello everyone

I’m not ready with the MIDI configuration.
I have an FM3 and an MC6MKII, I followed the tutorial: “Fractal Audio Integration with Morningstar MIDI Controller - Ax FXIII and FM3”. I did exactly the same manipulations as in the video. I chose “Preset+Scenes Select”
When I press switch A (FM3), the names of my first 6 FM3 presets appear. If I click on one of them, I only have access to the “Scenes” of my first “Preset”. I can’t change “Preset”. If I click on B+C I scroll through the following presets, with A+B the previous presets, that’s ok, but still impossible to access the Presets.
If someone has an idea …
Thanks in advance.

Do you mean that when you select a different preset in the preset select menu, the preset does not change in the FM3? If so, then check that the MIDI Channel used in the Fractal Integration message type matches that on your FM3.

Yes that’s exactly it. If in “Integration type”, I choose “Preset select” or “Preset+Scene Select”, I cannot navigate in the Presets of the FM3.
On the FM3, in the “Midi/Remote” options, Midi channel is on channel 1. In the MC6’s Midi Editor “Midi Channel” is on 1 too.
While waiting to be able to take advantage of the “Fractal Audio Integration”, I configured the MC6 as in the Roby Rocks tutorials, and everything works fine.

I tried again, but it still doesn’t work.
I can navigate through the Presets with A+B or B+C, except that when I want to select a preset, I always select the Scenes of my first Preset(0).

Can you check with the PC mapping setting is turned on on the FM3? When you select a Preset on the MC6, it simply sends a PC message to the FM3 to change the preset, so the FM3 isn’t responding to the PC message likely due to

  1. PC setting turned off
  2. Wrong MIDI channel

Can you try programming a PC message to be sent from the MC6 to the FM3 and see if it changes presets?

The FM3 Midi parameters:

While waiting to be able to take advantage of the Fractal integration, I was able to configure the MC6:
-Tap Tempo
-Scenes Down and Up
-Preset Down and UP
and all Looper functions
And it all works, like on the tutorial on the Fractal Audio forum that I posted above.

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Well I reset the system parameters of the FM3.
And there it works. :blush: :yum: :wink:

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