Fm3 fractal integration issues

@james I have updated my mc6 to the latest version.

When I save a preset with fractal integration “presets” the presets of the Fm3 appear correctly in the MC6 but when I select a preset it enters the Fm3 but the Mc6 sends me to a completely different bank instead of returning me to the bank where I have my fractal integration preset…

The fractal integration of “scenes” works fine…

I have also configured the MC6 to inc and dec the Fm3 presets with the CC#5 and CC#6 and they change correctly but the mc6 bank also changes.

Even though I tried changing the inc/dec preset directly in the Fm3 and it does the same thing, it changes the Mc6 preset.

Is your FM3 and MC6 on the same MIDI Channel? Can you try changing the MC6 MIDI channel to an unused one and see if the issue still persists?

Mc6 in Chanel 2
Fm3 in Chanel 1

@james and I notice this, sorry I edit the post few minutes ago


Already solved

Mc6 send Fm3 channel 1 in every preset

Fm3 send midi PC chanel 1

Mc6 midi Channel 2
Fm3 midi Channel 1