Fixed switch - which function is which switch?

Hi. Considering getting an EHX triple foot switch to use with my MC6 MkII.

I know sw 1 is tip, sw 2 is ring and switch 3 is t+r and I know in Fixed Switch 1 or 2 mode I’ll get bank up, bank down and toggle functions.

Which function is assigned to which switch number in fixed switch 1 mode? Trying to work out where they’d end up when installed on my board! Thanks

Actually, Fixed Switch 1/2 doesn’t need to be used anymore, with the addition of Fixed Sw Custom in a recent update, which allows you to assign specific functions to each switch. For example, Bank Up to Tip + Ring, Bank Down to Ring etc.

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Thanks @james, that’ll be perfect! Introduced way back in firmware 3.8.1! My bad, I missed that. I’ll order me a switch and have a play!!

Which reminds me having gone back over forum posts… did global aux presets get implemented?

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