Fixed Switch 2 not working properly on MC8

I just got an GFI Triple Switch to control BANK UP, BANK DOWN, TOGGLE PAGE in my MC8.

While on the FIXED SWITCH 1 setting, it works as expected: TIP = BANK UP, RING = BANK DOWN, TIP + RING = TOGGLE PAGE. However, this doesn’t feel natural becuase BANK UP is on the left side.

So I should be able to use the FIXED SWITCH 2 option but when I set it like that, the TIP + RING button selects PRESET S/V/L/O (depending on the onmiport) instead of TOGGLE PAGE.

Anybody has an idea of what causes this or how to fix it?

Thanks for bringing this up!

It’s a bug. We’ll publish a fix in the next 24 hours in the 3.7 beta firmware

That’s quick, man! Good to hear and thanks.

I just installed the 3.7.0 beta firmware and the problem is still there. In FIXED SWITCH 1, everything works fine, but in FIXED SWITCH 2, when I press TIP + RING, it recalls PRESET S.

I made a little video showing the problem:

Did you download the latest file named “2020-08-30_MC8_Beta_Firmware_v3_7_0.hex” ?

Pretty sure it worked fine when I tested 3 days back. Let me know, I can test it again later today.

My bad! I had used the wrong hex file. It now works perfectly. Thank you, James!

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