** FIXED ** My Midi CC Message IS *NOT* Working ? Pics Attached ... Help Please ...?

Hi again all ! :slight_smile:

See 2 pics below - the first Pic is the Nux Midi CC 6 command and Values List for the SR [Send-Return Block] and the second Pic is from the Editor how I have set it up the SR Block via Midi

The Problem ?

=> When I press the first time to Turn ON the SR Block - it DOES Turn ON => good :slight_smile:
=> When I press the second time to Turn OFF the SR Block - it DOES NOT Turn OFF => bad :frowning:

Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

All fixed - as a long shot I used 0 and 127 for off and on and it works fine … misprint in the manual :slight_smile: