[Fixed] Editor Version 1.3.0 Desktop pasting presets does not copy the text color MC6 PRO

Desktop editor version executable 1.3.0 with a new MC6 Pro device.
PC OS: Windows 10 Pro

Current Behavior:
When the user pastes a preset that has predefined colors for strip, text, and background, the text color defaults to white and does not carry the pasted attributed from the copied preset.

Desired Behavior:
Copy and paste of presets applies all attributes to the pasted preset.

Steps to Reproduce:
Set colors for Position 1 thru 3 for strip, text, and background.
Save the preset.
Copy the preset.
Paste the preset to an empty preset.

It is worth noting that the results are inconsistent as well.
The following schema consistently fails for me:
Position 1: Strip/white, Text/black, Background/Green
Position 2: Strip/white, Text/black, Background/Red
Shift: Strip/black, Text/white, Background/black

Thanks for reporting this. I just pushed a fix to the editor. The desktop editor should prompt you for an update. Do let me know if the issue still persists.

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This looks to be fixed on the update. Thank you.

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