Fixed aux switch action + Toggle active preset as type of action (not fixed)

Hi all, just received my new MC8 few days ago and I am very impressed by its depth and abilities!

I’m missing the option to select an action for the “Fixed Switch Custom” in the Omniports configuration.
The current behavior may be good for some options such as navigating between banks, presets or increasing / decreasing scroll values.
But on the other hand it’s really bad for actions that need to happen only once (like all the options that should toggle between 2 modes.)
In these cases I want it to trigger only once (probably on release), now it’s cycle between the modes of the toggle if I don’t remove my foot fast enough.

Second feature I wish for is to integrate “Toggle Active Preset” as a type of action for any switch in any bank by adding “Active Preset” to the list in the “Set Toggle” type.