First routing attempt, with a tune I'm experimenting with

Hi all. Just wanted to share a routing and tune I’ve been working on. I’m using 2 ML10X’s, at first I had a loop from the first going into and out of the second, with a loop in the second dedicated to stereo outputs for a wet/dry/wet setup. This wasn’t ideal as as I didn’t have the option to merge or sum the signal from the ‘loop’ output. So I rerouted it so now the ML10’s are connected through the one (stereo) loop, the dry output comes back through the output of the first ML10, the wet outputs go through the output of the second. I had an unused output in one of the loops in the first ML10 so I connected that to the input of the second, now I split my signal 3 ways into the second. Awesome times.

The routing I’m using below splits the signal into -

  1. Clean signal with just reverb.
  2. Sustain pedal in wet only mode that then goes through the M1 mod pedal to add a nice undulating effect of a very slow Leslie speaker, then through the Zoia for a long hall reverb.
  3. Into the Asabi for a bit of drive, then the Habit with dry kill on, then into the Zoia for a shorter room reverb, then into the Timeline in dual mode which bounces it around a bit in stereo.
  4. I’m also taking a line out straight from the sustain pedal into my DAW, because I like the Leslie speaker models in Amplitube too.

It’s amazing to have so much control!

The tune I’m working on is Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie. It’s a work in progress, even more so now that I’m trying to control the unpredictability of the Habit. Sometimes it’s super tense, in a good way. Sometimes not haha. Always a little unpredictable which is what I am loving about it.

Here’s the routing -

First ML10X -

Second ML10X -

And here’s an example of the sound. Not perfectly played and with a very quick mix so there are my caveats haha. Thanks again to everyone that’s helped me get to this point :slight_smile:

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Also, I’m using the expression pedal to control the Habit, using the reverse delay setting. Fully heel down and it’s off, and as I press the pedal it turns on and cycles up through the pitch adjustments, also shortening the delay time and lowering the volume a little as the pitch goes up.