Firmware v3.8.5 release!

Thanks for testing the MIDI clock thru updates. There’s still some mixed reports of the MIDI clock drifting with the Chase Bliss Blooper (we’re in the midsts of getting a Blooper to test this) using the USB MIDI Clock thru, but it should work fine with other devices. We feel comfortable enough to release this update first and work on any more improvements if required in the next update.

We know some of you miss the loading of data using switch presses so we added an option under Editor Settings for that. As usual, if loading data using switch presses, certain functions will be blocked.

Please read through the change log before updating.

Web Editor has been updated to v1.1.5 and Desktop Editor is available for download.


We just released v3.8.6 with one minor add-on.

Added incoming MIDI clock integration. Incoming MIDI clock signals will set internal MIDI Clock BPM so Waveform/Sequence generators can sync to incoming MIDI Clock BPM.

For the MC8, incoming MIDI Clock BPM will be displayed on the LCD, but will not blink. BPM display will only blink when MIDI clock is being generated by the controller