Firmware v3.8.4 Minor Update (Bug Fixes)

We’re close to releasing Firmware v3.8.4 which includes a number of bug fixes and some minor changes. Just putting the list here in case I missed out any bugs (this update is prioritised for bug fixes).

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED - Bank Up/Down message type executes within the preset, which causes the wrong sequence to run
    • For example, if Bank Up is programmed in Bank 1 Preset A Msg 4, it will execute and then Msg 5 onwards will run on Bank 2 Preset A instead.
  2. FIXED - When uploading SysEx data for all banks if the custom bank sequence is active, it will upload according to the custom bank sequence, which causes confusion. Uploading SysEx data now only runs on the default bank sequence
  3. FIXED - Bank Change Mode triggers Bank Presets when scrolling through banks.
  4. FIXED - Bug on the MC6 Omniport 2 Edit menu where it is not possible to scroll past MIDI RING
  5. FIXED - Sending PC messages above PC#29 will trigger Bank Presets without changing banks
  6. FIXED - Long Press action does not activate MIDI Clock menu
  7. FIXED - Using any text after placeholder (%E0 etc) does not appear. For example, %E0-PRE will not display -PRE


  1. All Editor Mode blocks are removed. All features can run in editor mode. No more checking if you have exited editor mode.
  2. Loading of Preset data into the editor will no longer be done with switch presses, but only via the Editor drop-down menu.
  3. MIDI Clock Menu will not trigger MIDI Clock upon entering of menu. There is now a start option to start the MIDI Clock
  4. If Ignore MIDI Clock setting is OFF, MIDI Clock will be passed thru directly if MIDI Thru settings are ON. If Ignore MIDI Clock is ON, incoming MIDI Clock will set the internal BPM.

It was a nice option, I will regret it. Clicking, clicking, always clicking…

Very nice fix.
No way to prevent starting internal clock and sending it if an external clock is already running ?

Pros and cons I guess - this way, we don’t have to disable features when in editor mode, and users don’t need to exit editor mode to test features on the device.

We need a way to know the user’s intention. If they engage the MIDI Clock preset and press start, I think we can safely assume that they want the internal clock to start sending. If there’s an external clock running, I don’t think we want to block it either. We’ll just leave it up to the user to manage for now as they know best what is going on in their rig.

So give them a setting option : - No Real Time Clock if another is already running (DIN or USB).
Because it is not an A+B fixed configuration when you play, some devices need to take control of the RTC part of midi buses and the others must shut up. without having to add one more push on a switch ;).
Give this flexibility to your MCxxx, an example when someone (me or someone else playing with me) starts a Model:Cycles, which pilots Model:Samples and Behringer Crave … and my guitar Source Audio tempo by emitting its own Clock, please deliver me from having to stop the clock I was generating to pilot my Source Audio pedals. let the MCxxx became intelligently a satellite of another time master.

Ok let’s see in v3.9 :slight_smile:


I can’t find the 3.8.4 ?

Not yet! Read James post more carefully

One last proposal if not too late : it would be nice to be able to name the counters rather than use numbers.

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We’re just prioritising bug fixes for this update. Maybe in the future update, barring any unforeseen constraints.


Just released the update on Github.


Thanks for the feedback! I just looked through the code again after testing and it’s definitely not trigger any banks presets while scrolling in bank change mode. Can you let me know which device (mc3/6/8) are you using? I can dig further

@james Please ignore my feedback.

I did more testing today and I realized that while using the dual-switch Bank Up/Down feature on my MC-6 MKii I was also doing a Press action on some of the switches involved, due to -I think- a high switch-sensitivity setting.
My bad, apologies. Please remove my post as soon as you read this.


No worries at all! I’ve removed the original post

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