Firmware update from Linux

The editor suggested I update the firmware of my MC6, as I’m running 3.10.2 and 3.11.1 is available. I went to download the updater and saw that only builds for Windows and macOS are available. Linux is all I have on my computers. I don’t know what stack is used for the the updater, but since there are already both Windows and macOS versions, I suppose an export of a Linux version is not out of question. Any chance?

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Have you tried running the updater in a VM running Windows inside of Linux…

Also on linux, I tried wine without success for the updater.
Since updating the firmware is not done too often and takes
10 seconds, I just borrow a windows machine when needed.

I think that the choice of working with the chrome browser for
the main editor was great, because it’s cross-platform (and is
flawless on linux too). Perhaps having the updater run also via
chrome would be a good idea, if possible at all.

We haven’t gotten down to building the software on Linux yet. I did give it a go once but I didn’t manage to get it to work. My experience with the tools there are limited and I don’t think it is something we can maintain right now.