Filter Midi Clock by Midi Channel

Hi Guys,

I am trying to solve an issue but cant seem to find a solution.
I have a Meris Mercury X connected in a Midi chain with other pedals (5 pin Din)
I send Midi clock either via Logic or Tap Tempo via MC6 pro. depending on usage scenario.
The Meris Mercury X receives clock and maps to predelay turning my beautiful reverbs sounds into Delay with reverb attached to the tail of the verb.
What I want to do is to filter Midi clock on only 1 midi channel (5 pin Din) and leave the other Midi channels receiving clock.

I believe Logic can do this, but I need a way in the MC6pro other than buying a trs to 5 pin Din midi adaptor and attaching the Mercury X to a seperate Omnisport and filtering clock on that omni port.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. With the latest firmware update you can filter MIDI Clock messages by MIDI Outputs. Not MIDI channels unfortunately, as MIDI Clock is always global. If you’ve already updated your controller. You’ll find it under Controller Settings tab > General Configuration > MIDI Clock Port Settings. You can uncheck the box for the output that you don’t want MIDI Clock sent to.

FWIW, I asked Meris about this, and they said a firmware update is in the works, and also suggested the work-around of setting the Pre-delay Dry blend to 100%, which may work for your patches for now if zero pre-delay is ok. I’m hoping meris comes up with a “midi clock ignore” like Walrus Mako pedals have soon. Otherwise I’ll have to run another MIDI cable per the Brandon’s suggestion.

Thanks Brandon,

Appreciate the response. I was aware I could filter Midi clock by output, just didnt want to buy another adaptor and rewire my board.
I thnk your suggestion is the best one, at least until Meris do a firmware update and address the issue I am facing.
Their support has said it is coming in the next update.

Thnks for your reply

Thanks gregnnn, got the same response from them mate.
Lets hope the firmware update is not far away.

Have a great day