Filter incoming MIDI notes

Looking for a solution----

All MIDI NOTES are out-going from a BeatBuddy pedal. It’s an “all or none” option on the BeatBuddy.

Can the MS6 Software FILTER these incoming MIDI NOTES, then based on a specific NOTE it “hears” (let’s say note “127”), be programmed to SEND a different specific MIDI NOTE (Let’s say note “101”)?

The light controller I have (Chauvet Obey70) can only respond to MIDI NOTES to pull up specific light Scenes that are preprogrammed into the unit. It in turn will change the color of the lights, initiate chases, etc. depending on what MIDI NOTE it is receiving. Since the BeatBuddy send ALL notes, the lights go bonkers and try to keep up… so every cymbal crash, snare hit, hi-hat, etc. changes the light scene. No bueno for a light show.


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We’re planning to add event processing (up to 8 or 16 only) for CC messages for the next update… but now that you mentioned note messages… we’ll see what we can do.


Testing this feature now


Wow this feature seems really neat !! eager to test it :smiley: !!

By the way +1 on the Midi Note Filter ! Great idea !

We just updated the v3.9 beta firmware for the MC8, if anyone want to give it a go


Interesting but is it the job of a midi controller, my fear is that it takes many bytes of its limited memory, necessary for legacy job in the controller, and important % of its cpu ?
And essentially I never route the important midi notes flow to the midi controllers, avoiding any overflow.
I prefer to use dedicated devices to do this kind of transformation job, with all the necessary details, devices as IConnectivity MIOXx or Bome Software’s BomeBox.
Wait and see ???

That’s why I just limited it to 16 for now. Should be no issues. Let’s see how it goes.

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Where can we find v3.9 beta firmware?

I’ve downloaded the beta firmware (2021-06-14_MC8_Firmware_v3_9_0_Beta.hex)
but when I click on the github link ( * Please use the staging editor for beta firmwares: I get the “browser not compatible” message. Is this what was referred to in another post about the next beta uploader app still in the development process?

I’m using Mac OS Big Sur and the lates chrome browser.


you’ll just need to set up the browser and enable midi for that URL.

More info here: