Feedack loop / Loopback question


I was wondering if it’s possible to feed the output of a pedal back into its input when using ML10X?

I like to send my signal through the Left In of my Strymon Deco and then use the Left Out to feed the Right In. This creates a loop which allows me to double the effects and then use the right out to the next pedal. This means I get double the delay and double the saturation.

The issue is : this forces me to go Mono In (technically stereo but previous pedal outputs Mono), Mono Out (technically stereo but fed back into the pedal).

Could I plug my Deco as Stereo In / Stereo Out into the ML10X and then program such a signal path using the Editor ? I could then also use my Deco as a regular Stereo pedal at the end of my chain when needed.

It should work, just treat the L and R input/output on the deco as independent pedals on the ML10X.

This will feed the Deco L output to the Deco R input, and then Deco R output to the output tip.

And then if you want to have a stereo input signal (assuming stereo into the ML10X input) into the deco, just change it accordingly.


I thought that’s probably how it would work so thank you for the fast confirmation James !
Makes me look forward to it being in stock even more now…