[Feature Suggestion] Set Toggle - Add Checkbox for "This Preset"

In the interests of copying and pasting presets it would be incredibly useful if the “Set Toggle” message type had an additional check a box to select “This Preset” i.e. the preset thats currently being edited.

Perhaps something like this…

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Thanks for the suggestion. That would actually require an update to the firmware as well. We could possibly add a button there so it selects the current preset only after you click it. Does that solve this issue?

Would that then update if you pasted or swapped the preset somewhere else? I recently was rearranging banks and had to manually uncheck and recheck any Set Toggle messages I moved to match the new Preset layout. IDK @ambient’s use case but I was excited to see this feature request for that reason.

@cVarsity yes that’s is precisely my use case also.

Sorry @james I must’ve missed the notification of your reply and have only just noticed it.

The use case I have in mind is copying and pasting presets so I don’t think the suggestion of a “Select This Preset” button helps in that case.

@James I’ve just realised if you were to implement this you’d probably want to link/mirror the “This Preset” checkbox and the “Preset X” checkbox (where X is the current preset letter) so that if you check or uncheck one it also checks/unchecks the other.