[Feature Request] Visual GUI Programming for MC6Pro

As an MC6pro user,
I want to visualize the bank layout as I’m programming, similar to the ML10X web editor with boxes and arrows I can drag and drop,
So that complex branched flow structures are easier to manage, and I don’t have to maintain asynchronous planning documentation, like a Miro board.

With 128 banks of 24 presets each, it can be easy to get a bit lost while programming.

If we had a more visual drag-and-drop way to program, then this could be faster and easier.

My banks often link to other banks in a nested structure, and I’d love a more flow-chart mind-map way to do this.

For example, my home screen has basic navigation options for:

  1. Guitars
  2. Favourites
  3. Songs
  4. Sets
  5. Scrolling
  6. Jamming

Each of these options just navigates to a different bank, and each option within those “sub-banks” does the same. I’m often 3-4 bank layers down before I get to MIDI presets being recalled when I press a switch.

If I’m in the minority of users who approach their bank layout this way, then maybe this request is too high effort compared to the value for the Morningstar user base, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

If you want to see the Miro board I maintain to keep my flow/paths/branches easy to understand, let me know.