[feature request] virtual machine for testing

Taking a tip from Strymon Nixie - it would be fantastic if the Morningstar Team were able to provide a “Virtual Machine” whic can emulate all their models - to test your navigation - I.e. mimic the button actions and show the relevant pages, when jumping banks, engaging presets, toggling pages and toggling foot switches.
Step 1 - save the current settings to a scratchpad file
Step 2 display virtual machine - complete with midi log.
Next step - return to physical machine.
The current editor does all this - but not the toggling or bank jump behaviour.


I prefer global variables in order to do indirect bank jumps or send variable CC values or PC number, or engage a variable bank number, or set bpm to a variable value, etc.
There is also a need for global Expression pedal MSG, just to avoid copying them in each bank when they are the same…
We could also have several midi out buses, either inside the usb connection, either on different mini TRS din out. With possibility to send midi commands selectively on these buses. This would allow for managing more than 16 channels…
If I want to test I do it in my pedalboard, just near my foot :wink:
Just a question of priority on what is the most useful.

Interesting idea - Quite a bit of work to be done. I don’t have an answer for this yet but I’ve added it to my backlog.

As always, thanks for the feedback!

My initial idea was to have a button on the editor to execute the different actions on the controller and bypass the “Editor mode” restrictions. So - something like a dropdown button with Press, Long Press, Double Tap etc actions. You click on one of the options and it execute the preset with that action, regardless on whether the device is in editor mode.

Thanks for your prompt reply and input Christian.

Bob Watson

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Thanks for your prompt reply James.

If my comments about “planning strategies” (real world usage of the MC controllers) and “detailed real world examples” can be implemented, it would also go a long way to educating noobs - and not so noobs as well, and may even sell a few more MC6 boxes too!!

Bob Watson