**Feature Request** Update the Scroll Counter Base value through incoming MIDI message

In order to control external parameters with possible changing values (e.g. DAW Ableton Live/Max or other) it would be great to have the opportunity to update the current Scroll Counter value through a simple incoming MIDI message. That would make it possible for other devices or DAWs to send feedback of the value and show it in the Morningstar MC’s displays.
An easy way to implement that could be to add within the “MIDI Message Converter” section in the dropdown “Convert Event Type to” an additional point like “update Scroll Counter No X” or similar.
Would be great to see that.

Thanks for your awesome work!

This is a great suggestion, I can see uses for that. I wonder if it’s possible to do it now though in a slightly clunky way… admittedly this way you’d be stuck with whatever scroll values you’d programmed rather than it being more “reactive” to the state of your DAW.

The MC can be sent midi to engage a preset using any of the Actions present in that preset. So, create a preset that holds some No Action messages that manage the scroll counters and then call that preset’s No Action messages externally?

For example I guess you’d send PC 0 to select bank 1, and then CC# 10 value 0 to engage the No Action messages from Preset A