[Feature Request] Toggle Position in Engage Preset (or Set Toggle across Banks)

I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to include toggle options (Set Toggle, Engage Pos 1 or 2) in the Engage Preset function, since Set Toggle only works in the current bank.

The Engage Preset function is so useful as is, but you can’t really control a preset in a different bank with toggles very well. This addition could really take this already great feature to the next level.

Another way to do this is to be able to Set Toggle on presets in a different bank, which is probably easier. The above way would sort of combine the best of both Set Toggle and Engage Preset into one.

If there’s already another way to accomplish this, please let me know!

Edit: Another way by which the ability to Set Toggle on presets of any bank would be extremely useful is allowing the states of presets to be linked, turning them into Global Presets. Just one example is using a screenless aux switch for the instant presets (Q-V) to which you always want access, while the MC8 takes care of all your menus of options and deeper stuff. This is how I have my rig set up currently - looking like permanently. One of the only problems with this setup is keeping global presets linked; the other is keeping the logical “if/then” stuff straight, which would also be largely solved by opening toggle control to different banks.


There are many cases where global variables would be welcome… sure that toggle is one of them.


Agreed, but we need to consider that adding global variables and conditional statements would be the beginning of creating a programming language for the controllers. I personally would welcome it but I suspect it could be harshly rejected by others who may not want to be bothered by technical mumbo jumbo just to get their presets to change.

I would even be willing to purchase a second controller simply to beta test some of these ideas. That could be a real blast!

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Not necessary to go this level, just values stored globally and we can recall, it will ease toggles and for example jump to bank, or send cmd/ctrl on channel number, etc.

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A couple global variables to use would be a really good add. I’ve already wished I had one when trying to solve some workflow issues. The only MIDI control I’ve ever had with global variables is the MIDI Solutions Event Processor and it really helped me out of a few jams.

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So there might be a minimal work around for global variables. Just depends on what you want to accomplish. You can use the scroll counters. They can be accessed from any bank and don’t change or reset when jumping banks. I have one set as a poor mans volume control that works across banks on my stomp. You have the option of setting start / min / max values. You can then send the value to any CC#. In addition you can set up increment / decrement by 1 and send the new value as well.


I thought a little about the counter last night, going to try to see if I can figure it out tonight.

As far as being able to Set Toggle across banks, I don’t see how that’s any more “technical mumbo jumbo” than being able to Engage Preset across banks, which you can already do.

I need some time to digest this further, but being able to Set Toggle in a different bank would be useful. Though, due to some limitations, it might only be possible to set the toggle for up to 2 presets in a different bank.

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Fantastic news, james!

In a sort of related topic, can a preset Engage Preset on itself? For instance, lets say I have a cool preset set up for Release, and I want to use some of the other actions (Long Press Release, Double Tap Release, etc.) as “add-ons” for that cool thing I set up on Release. Instead of repeating the Release messages a bunch of times, using Engage Preset on itself would accomplish this.

I suppose I could stash the original Release messages in a different unused preset in an unused bank and Engage Preset to that, but I think it takes extra time to Engage Preset from a different bank.

Anyway, not nearly as crucial as the Set Toggle across banks thing, but interesting nonetheless.

Yes, the Engage Preset can engage itself. But, if you are engaging it with the same action (for example if you have a Press action with a Engage Preset that engages the same preset with a press action), the controller is going to hang because it’ll work in an infinite loop. It has to be a different action.


Brilliant! Thanks again!

Man, I can’t tell you how much I love the Engage Preset function. Along with Set Toggle, you really can weave such a beautiful web. It’s awesome.


if you don’t want to use it… well, just don’t do it! but a global toggle status would be extremely useful

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Fully behind this request. Individual set toggle across bank would be v useful as would the ability to rest all toggles across all banks to default. Kind of emergency get me back to home option


Every single day I run into another scenario where it would be so useful to be able to Set Toggle across banks. It’s certainly the feature I’m missing most.

We can look into it for v3.9, but likely have to break up the selection of presets, especially for the MC8.

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I’m so glad to hear it! I can be kind of slow, but what does “break up the selection of presets” mean?

We only have a certain number of bytes provisioned per message. So, adding a bank selection would require more bytes, but that would be at the expense of being able to select the toggle position for Presets A - V on the MC8. Which means, we need to split it into 2 parts - you can either set the toggle position for Presets A - H (for example) for Presets I - V, but not worth. To do both would require you to use 2 messages.

So there would just be two Types: Set Toggle A-H and Set Toggle I-V?

Something like that. Probably not separate messages but all the options will be within one message. Need to think through it first :slight_smile: