[Feature Request] Toggle in Bank Jump command to temporarily ignore Upon Bank Entry midi actions

I would find a lot of use in a feature that could hopefully be added to the Bank Jump action. What I was thinking was something maybe simliar to the Toggle Page (Yes or No) in the Bank Jump…but what I’m looking for is a way to temporarily Bypass the midi actions that are set to trigger upon Entering the bank after the jump… just for that one Bank Jump action trigger.

I’ve never had a need to use the actions that trigger upon entering a bank, because I have been using a Selah Quartz to send all the midi commands to set up my pedals for the next song. But my Quartz is becoming unreliable, so I’m wanting to start programming those midi triggers to activate upon entering a bank.

And sometimes, for example, I’ll need to do a quick bank jump to select from some presets for a different overdrive and then return to the original bank. I don’t want my list of midi commands being sent to all my pedals again upon returning in case I made changes in the middle of a song already.

New features are added so often I loss track of everything new so sorry if something to achieve this is already there and I missed it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds doable, can’t say for sure yet but I’ve added it to the backlog :+1: