[Feature Request] Text Names/Reminders

@james I would like to be able to enter simple text to remind myself what a less used MIDI msg does months later.

MIDI dictionary and User Library have descriptions that then show. I can copy from User Library, but I don’t see any way to Save to User Library. Regardless, a click popup text box for description in the MSG and then Save the MSG to User Library would be great as it would then show across Presets/Banks. Alternatively, just Save to User Library would allow descriptions that populate back to the Preset MSG.

There’s this option in the Editor Settings tab:

If turned on, when you go back to edit the Preset messages, you’ll see a box below which allows you to add a description for that message

This is saved internally in the editor though. When you disconnect and reconnect your controller, it’ll still be there. But if you use a different controller, you’ll need to load a different Editor Profile file. If you copy/paste/edit directly on the controller, the changes will not be reflected in the editor. But if you do everything within the editor then it will be fine.

Is this something like what you are requesting?

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Also worth mentioning that if you save your commonly used PCs or CCs in User Library with a text description and then add them to your presets using the blue “Open User Library” button, that will also populate this ‘editor’ text field. I guess the same is true for MIDI Dictionary, though I don’t use it myself.

Yup that is what I wanted for description. MS is wins again!

@moley6knipe Yes, that is what I’ve been doing, but it would be nice to go the other direction. Set something up, and then say I like that, and save it to the user library. Triple the clicking right now, with set up to try, set up again in User Library, and then copy from User Library.

Ah I see what you mean. Yeah, being able to port back from preset to user lib would be really useful. I suspect most of us click things into the preset first and then store in the user lib rather than the other way round!