Feature Request: "Temporary Template Page Jump"

Hi everyone

I like to suggest an idea that I think would be very helpful and valuable to many players. As many pedals have secondary/multiple functions and the omnipresence of parameter changing via MIDI CC nowadays, I see myself using up presets over and over again for doing the exact same things. And when I’m not consistent in designing my pages, I get confused during a session.

MC8 already has a functionality for setting Midi Clock that jumps to a temporary page and back without changing preset states or triggering bank entry/exit commands. Using the same principles, we could jump to pre-configured pages that live outside the normal banks/pages (ie. section “template pages”). Each could contain a self-defined command set and a mandatory back-command to go back to the precious bank/page we left off.

What do you think? Can you imagine a use for such functionality? Do you see additional uses? Would you like to see something like this in a future firmware update?

Here’s a mockup that shows a simple scenario:

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To be more precise:

There are ways to use the MC that make my proposal obsolete. I saw one setup where basically each pedal had a separate bank. But I think that many will use one bank per song or sound. Doing so, you have to implement something like looper control into every bank where you want to use it. If you don’t you can’t just decide spontaneously to use it.

My proposal would help here: with a template page for ie. looper control I would only set a command to jumpt there into every preset, taking up only one action in a bank/page, easily to integrate into all banks. If I decide during a song to use the parameters defined in a template page, I’d just jump there and go back afterwards.