[Feature Request] Switchable Expression Pedal Control

I have an expression pedal connected to my MC-8. I currently have it set up to control my delay, a Source Audio Collider, in a particular bank. I also have a Source Audio EQ2, a midi-controlled eq/volume pedal, on the same board. I would like to use the expression pedal to control the output volume of the EQ2. It would be very useful to have a button assigned to switch between these two operations. So in position one, the expression pedal controls the delay. In position two, it controls the EQ2.

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This thing does so much it’s hard to keep up! Thanks again to the Morningstar team for always including new features!!

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Yup, the Select Expression Message message type is your friend.


So I think that gets me where I want to go with some questions.

Based on the experimentation I’ve been doing, I come to these conclusions:

  • When the device powers up, the expression engine defaults to enabling all 16 message slots.

  • When you switch banks, the messages content defined for that bank is loaded into the expression engine.

  • When you enable a message slot, using ‘Select Exp Message’, the slots remains enabled even if you change banks.

  • When you disable a message slot, using ‘Select Exp Message’, the slots remains disabled even if you change banks.

  • In other words, message content per slot is scoped to the bank, while enabling per slot is global.

Do I have that right?

  • Yup, the controller boots up with all 16 messages enabled.
  • And yes, the selected messages are persisted through bank changes, so if you want the setting to reset to default when you change banks, you should use a Bank Preset to engage the Select Exp Message function and reset the enabled/disabled messages