[Feature Request] Step Mode

Step Mode would be related to Toggle Mode, except instead of toggling between messages in 2 different states, Step Mode would execute each message in order, one foot press (step) at a time. Bonus points if each message could update the Display to indicate which step it is on, either with the message # or user definable string.

If a user wants to execute a batch of messages with each step, they can use that step to Engage another preset that contains those messages.

When the last message is reached, go back to Step/Msg 1.

Create a method for going backward in the steps, perhaps double tap.

Some potential uses:

  1. Creating a sequence of Presets to engage for each change within a a song. While performing, press the same button over and over each time a change is needed. Because the steps would start again at the top when finished, you could take advantage of that for a song that maybe only has 3 changes always in the same order that keeps repeating (Chorus, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, etc.). No need to program beyond 3 steps in that case, but you could keep going up to 16 specific song changes.

  2. Many devices have mutually exclusive modes with discrete commands to activate. Toggle gets you 2 modes. Press, Long Presses, etc. can extend that to offer more modes, but being able to just rack and stack all the modes as messages and then step through them would make this a very straight forward, Hands Free operation.

  3. Stepping through Lighting scenes (MIDI capable DMX controllers).

  4. Any place where you just need to rack and stack messages in a logical way. I have an EQ pedal that I plug into first with 4 presets (and a bypass). The presets are tuned for the guitar I’m using; switching guitars is the only time I change the preset I am on. It’s never baked into any song or sound preset. 1 switch would allow me to cycle through the 5 programmed states of that pedal.

  5. Looper workflows. Audio loopers always seem to fall into the same struggle of giving every user what they want in their workflow, often “Record, Overdub, Playback” or “Record, Playback, Overdub” sequences, even sometimes involving how to respond to switching tracks in the device. Given a good set of MIDI instructions, Step Mode could allow the user to create their own workflow and execute it 1 step at a time without ever needing to move their foot away from 1 switch.

There’s actually a feature for this called Preset Message Scroll. More info here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/186187784/Preset+Message+Scroll

Sounds like it might cover most of what you described? Except going backwards.

I totally missed that feature James, thank you for pointing it out. It does sound exactly like I was saying (except reverse)

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Hi James,

Any chance there is way to scroll by 2 Messages at a time all within the configuration of a single Preset? I know that I can use each message in my scrolling preset to Engage other presets that contain more than 1 message, but I’m hesitant to do that because I feel like it could get messy and wasteful.

Basically, what I have is a device that needs 2 commands to carry out a single Mode change action that I’d like to scroll through (similar to how some devices need a bank command and a preset command to go to 1 preset).

If not, please consider this a new feature request to allow the user to set an Integer representing the number of messages to scroll through with each step, defaulted to 1. Perhaps only allow 1, 2, 4, 8 since those are the only values equally divisible into 16.


Great, GREAT product by the way. I’ve used nearly every Foot Controller under the sun and I’ve been using them since around 1992. Th MC8 MKII is quickly becoming my favorite of all time and I may need to get the other form factors now as well.

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Currently not, but have added to my backlog to explore in future updates.

Glad you like the product!

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In thinking about it a little more, it’s probably only 1, 2 or 4 steps at a time. 8 would just be another way to do a toggle.

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