Feature request : send commands at startup (= board startup state)

OK so I am hopeful this one is something way more simple than what have been done lately and hopefully it will grab some interest.

Here it is: that would be really useful to have a way to send (multiple) MIDI messages (CC or PC) at the MIDI controller startup to make our pedals start from a know state we chose and not what manufacturers thought to be OK. This way we wouldn’t have to check every single piece of gear for a correct status before going any further.
Sort of like a startup state for the whole board if you like.
That would for example allow to choose which pedal is ON or OFF by default at startup for exemple as some manufacturers have their products power on in the online state while other power on in the bypass state. In my case I have several drive pedals powering on in the inline state, talk about hiss and feedback each and every time ! Having a way to choose exactly where you start from would be so useful.

For this to work, there would be a need for some kind of timer to let time for everything to startup when you power your board on. A user adjustable timer would be perfect (to tame the feedback right at the time the pedals accept incoming MIDI messages for exemple).
And as some of us have quite a large collection of MIDI gear, having the possibility to trigger more than one preset (which is limited to 16 messages) would be great.

I know all this could be achieved by some “reset” action and preset but then again, having it done automatically in case of a controller restart (think power outage) would be way better. And I don’t know about you but I’d be better not loose one of my precious startup screen actions for something that could be done automatically and that I wouldn’t have to think about.

What do you think ? Is that something I am the only one wishing for ?


Probably should have posted this in the MID controller area, don’t know…

Yes, I’m with you. I would like a PC command sent at power-up. The goal being that I’m able to have 3 loops on my ML5 always default to on at power-up. Is this an option?

Good idea. The problem could be with the different startup times on devices. For example, Eventide H9 needs a bit more time to get started than MC6, and HX Stomp needs even more time. So if MC6 sends any messages when it starts, H9 and HX Stomp will not be able to receive any messages just because they won’t be ready yet. So the feature could work only if you will be able to set the timer after startup when the messages will be sent.

That’s what I suggested, for that exact reason :wink:

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Ah, sorry! Somehow skipped this part while reading :slight_smile:

Hi. We will be adding a feature that will allow you to do that in the next beta 3.8.0 firmware within the next 24 hours. What you can do is program a Bank Preset to Bank 1 of your controller. So upon powering up and entering Bank 1, you will be able to execute whatever messages you need. We will also be slowing down the startup time of the MC8 to allow other pedals to start up first. Try it out and let us know how it goes!


Great news, honestly you guys kill it being so responsive to users feedback.
Not so common these days and really appreciated, kudos for that ! :clap:

Hi update is now available for download (file 2020-12-23). We’ve tried it and it works great for most pedals. However, the H9 startup time is 7s, so it doesn’t work for the H9. We are wondering if 8s is too long a time for us to increase our controllers’ startup time to.

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Any chance to have it somehow user adjustable ? Because I am sure for some 8s won’t be a problem if that makes their H9 happy while for others 2 seconds will be too long.

8 sec is waaaay to long for just 1 particular pedal just some people use. Or make it adjustable.

HX Stomp starts even longer doesn’t it?

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User adjustable would be killer I guess. But honestly 8 seconds doesn’t sound too bad to me… takes me about 2 minutes to fit my ear plugs and we ain’t playing until they’re in! And in the event of power loss during a gig, my first thought would be on powering the amps down before the power comes back on TBH! So I could live with 8 seconds even though the need for delay doesn’t apply to me.

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Hey, I just received my MC8 today :smiley: and I’m looking to send some commands at startup.

So do I just need to configure the ON ENTER event of BANK 1?

If so, won’t that trigger the same events in normal operation everytime I return to BANK 1?

Hi. Yes, that is correct. The messages will be sent upon startup and also every time you enter bank 1.

Thanks for the reply, thats a reall shame and IMO this isn’t working like a startup feature as orignally suggested.

Has anyone worked out a solution to avoiding the issue? I thought I might be able to setup the first banks ON ENTER so that it executes a load of messages and then finally Bank Jumps to bank 2 (the true Home bank)… but I’ve been unsuccessful, there is no Bank Jump option for ON ENTER actions.

I’ve also tried using “Engage Preset” to press a preset that Bank Jumps, but this just doesn’t work, the bank jump doesn’t happen.

Any other wise ideas I’ve not tried?

(At the moment, I’ve settled for having my first bank with a single preset named “START” that executes all the messages and finally Bank Jumps to Bank 2. No need for any advanced features in this case (delays or ON ENTER events) but it obviously requires an additional press which is inconvenient).

We’re adding an On Exit Once only and On Enter Once only event type in v3.9 which does this

Nice feature. Would still have interest in this as a toggle in the Bank Jump function similar to the Last Used Bank Toggle. Where you can toggle it to ignore the On Enter commands just that one time when it returns.

Total legend. Thanks @james