[Feature Request] Option to fix Omniport Aux and Expression pedals to one bank

Hi there,

I have a feature request I’d like to hear feedback on. I understand that there is a workaround for this, but thought that this may still be a good proposal, and potentially there’s some better ways to achieve what I’m trying to do that I’d love to hear about. Either way, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Background: I’m running an MC8 with an external switch, using three of the omniports as aux switches (3x3 = 9 switches) and the forth as an expression pedal. Both the 9 aux switches and the expression pedal is 100% independent of the current bank in the MC8. I’m using toggles, shifts and long presses on the external switch, so can’t get away with fixed switch custom.

I would expect that this is a very common scenario: since we don’t have a display to show the preset names on external switches, I assume the typical use case is to have them fairly static across all banks.

Problem I’m trying to solve: Currently, when I make changes to the external switches or expression pedals, I have to manually synchronize it to all banks. Somewhat tedious with nine switches, and prone to forgetting a switch.

Current workaround: Copy the preset, and triple click to populate across all the banks for any changes made.

Idea: Add new Omniport options for AUX Switch and Expression to be either current bank or bank 1. When current bank is selected, everything works as is. When bank 1` is selected, these switches/expression pedals will always execute the presets from bank #1. This way, bank #1 would act as a “global” setting for this omniport.

With this being a setting per Omniport, it would of course be possible to do this for one Omniport only, i.e. one could imagine having a 3x3 switch where the 3 switches are bank 1 and the other 6 are per preset.

Thoughts and comments? I think that would be an extremely powerful addition for those of us with external switches.