[Feature request]Names for CC counters

It would be so nice to be able to set a name for each CC counter in the Controller settings.
I am sure somebody already asked for this ?

I use sticky notes to keep track of my Counters and Toggle Groups, but it’s not a bad idea to be able to label them in the Editor.

Yes sticky notes are not so well adapted, I started using them but stopped. So many chrome notes extentions and so many not very good…
The real benefit in Scroll Counter names will be to select in list of names when inserting your CC or PC. When I come back to my MC8s settings editing, one months after last session (yes sometime I use it to play :wink: ) , actually I need a map drawn on paper to remember which counter to use.
And concerning Scroll Counters, I regret that actual beta version has not implemented all which has been discussed concerning a normalization of the API with counter only actions as increment/decrement, edit value and usage for other features then simply PC and CC (for exemple jump to bank from counter value), etc.
And please more Scroll slots than the limited 16 ones…

we can explore using the editor profile function to save these notes. the labels will not be saved in the controller itself, but in the editor where you can save it into a file and load different “editor profiles”.

Regarding the counter actions, won’t these functions in the CC Value Scroll or PC number scroll allow you to manipulate the scroll counter values? You can change the values in specific scroll counters, increase/decrease it in steps, reset it to default etc

Yes it is Ok but I frequently found myself using the PC version for a CC counter and vice-versa and as an old and retired object oriented dev, I find strange to have 2 separate functions acting on the same object and doing the same thing, reason why I spoke of ‘normilizing’ (is it english?).
But no puzzling here, I am satisfied with all the features in my MC8s :wink:

Ok we have added this function to manage scroll counter values, since we wanted to have this for Bank Presets as well.

Nice but just 2 remarks :

  1. It would have been nice to have the default value respecting the previous behaviour, I have dozen of these scrolls…
  2. may be adding this to the Counter settings could be better, so no need to change all the presets where the scroll action is used ?

Testing this in staging - renaming scroll counters.

Editor Profile needs to be enabled. All the data exists in the cache only, and is not stored in the device. So if you use different devices or computers or browsers, you need to save/load the editor profile data.

Scroll counter names are displayed in the respective message types


It looks very good !!!
One question, I am managing 2 x MC8 from the same PC, could the name of the saved file take some Id allowing to avoid each time loading and saving my editor settings, just taking the file with its default name based on Id… because each MC8 has its own counters and ditor settings.
I will test ASAP tomorrow.

Edit : Please more counters :wink:

Editing multiple devices at the same time is not supported for this, because the data is stored in the cache, so when you open another tab and load in your data, it will override the cache that your other tab is reading from.

I don’t think we have the resources to tackle this yet for editing multiple devices at the same time - maybe in the future when we connect the editor to the cloud.

I see your reasons, but why don’t you use the browser local storage which is on disk and where you can format a file name based on the ID of the device, could be an internal ID, or, as are doing many synths when dealing with midi SYSEX concerning their settings, an ID which defaults to 1 but could be changed in settings ?

yes, we are using localstorage to store the data, and thats why the data will persist across sessions. but the code is just not set up yet for editing multiple devices simultaneously

I will list this as experimental first

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Run into this now and it would be a pretty big time saver to be able to name the counters. Counter 0 means absolutely nothing a year after I set up this pedal initially :slight_smile:

In the meantime I think a decent work around for my brain is to just use the same number counter as the MIDI channel. Shouldn’t conflict and that maps pretty much 1:1.