[Feature Request] Multiple “toggle names” per message/action

We can already assign more than two CC#/PC# messages per preset button, but you can only have up to two toggle names.

Imagine being able to set up to sixteen PC# messages on one preset button via different action types and being able to see each preset name on one button. This would be a case in which the preset does not need to toggle back and forth, but it would save a ton of real estate being able to name each one. I could have “delay preset 1” on preset button A via press, “delay preset 2” via long press release, “ delay preset 3” via a double tap, and so on.

Instead of using an entire bank for an assortment of messages so you can see which ones are being used, having multiple names on one button would be a game changer.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current lineup. Currently, if you are using the message scroll feature, it’s possible to display the current index with the %G placeholder.

We can possibly explore this in the Pro series, not sure yet. But the Pro controller would give us a bigger “canvas” to explore new ideas.

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Would be great to have one or more lists of names (as a global resource) that some placeholder (%N ?) could map from an index to a Name … perhaps with an optional fixed offset (%N5 would add 5 to the index).

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Agreed and I support this request… but from lessons learn here, creating a table of names just as the CC counters is out of reach of current line of MCx hardware capabilities :(.
Could I also rephrase one of my long time request : have the short preset labels format as %E, %F, etc. working in bank labels, please.
I am still expecting it and will not change my bank names containing some CC counter format to recall the corresponding current ‘outside’ bank they manage (they still display %E2 or %EA which is howsome but useless :frowning: )

Not sure that is correct.

I think the big issue is having data that is per preset (or per bank or per counter). The MC seems to allocate this memory in advance for all presets (banks, counters) whether or not the actual text is empty, half full
etc. It’s approx 360 more expensive (12x30) for per preset data (or 30x per bank) than a single value.

A global set of data only has one copy allocated.

The other thing is that an empty string takes as much space as a string with all characters set.

I might be wrong.

Note there might be a different way for the device to store only the used strings in a shared memory pool that would be more efficient. It would be some work and perhaps have performance issues. Easy for me to say!

I don’t know, whatever the way it is implemented would be welcome.
May be the successive layers of updates have made ‘the thing’ not very easy to evolve.