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MS Editor suggestions/requests

I have not seen any posts with these requests, so I guess not many people will likely coincide with my issues…(fingers crossed, nonetheless). I have the following 3 requests/suggestions, for consideration:

  1. Option to change the GUI color scheme and/or contrast of the standalone MSEditor GUI.

Reason: I’m going blind looking at the MSEditor pages with those light gray over dark gray colours and minuscule fonts!

  1. Edit Preset page: Enclose all the information pertaining to a particular message within the same white-border rectangle.

Reason: In addition to the above, I make mistakes all the time adding or changing information on the wrong places by confusing which message it belongs to (even when I try hard to remember that the information within the white-border rectangle belongs to the message above it and not below it :/)

  1. Option to replace the Default Preset sequence within a Bank with the Custom sequence.

Reason: The process of creating Banks in a specific logical order (i.e. generic vs song-specific ones, for instance) is a haphazardous one when you’re starting to use the controller(s). After a while, the Custom Bank Order looks very different from the Default one and I have no use for the Default Bank -and my OCD (:P) won’t let me be (sigh)

Thanks a lot, for reading and, specially, for considering any of these suggestions.

thanks for the feedback!

For (1), we can look into implementing a theme selector under Editor Settings - but realistically we’ve got more urgent priorities to deal with right now. Have added it into our backlog

For (2), I’ll see how I can better organise this.

I didn’t quite understand 3 though. If you leave the custom bank sequence turned on all the time, then your controller will just work off that sequence, and technically you can just ignore the default bank sequence?

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@james , thanks a lot for your prompt response and for considering my first two suggestions/requests.

Requests (1) and (2) are the most important ones for me, as they are related with reducing the strain in my eyes; and I understand that you have to first deal with other more pressing requests.

Regarding (3), I just realized I totally screwed up explaining the case. I am actually refering to the Bank vs Custom Order, and not Preset order within a Bank. But it seems that you understood what I meant to say!

Anyway, the way I work is, once I’m satisfied with the order of the Banks I assign their positions to each of my songs in Onsong, for automatic selection, so it’s very unlikely that that order will change later. I get that some users might prefer the Set-oriented approach, arranging the Banks for specific performances.
This is more of a tidiness/logical issue for me, coming from my personal logic, so please ignore this request if you think it doesn’t make sense or does not justify the effort. I applauded the addition of the Custom Bank order, by the way.

I’ll probably end up rearranging the Default Bank order manually (copy-pasting and shuffling, he he), eventually.


Would a “Copy custom bank sequence to default bank sequence” feature work? So once you have arranged your custom bank sequence, you can use it to overwrite your default bank sequence.

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Totally! That’s exactly what I had in mind.
Thank you, James!

By the way, I wanted to clarify that when I wrote “I’m going blind!” on item (1), I meant it in a funny way -I always revisit what I write to make sure my message is clear.