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MS Editor suggestions/requests

I have not seen any posts with these requests, so I guess not many people will likely coincide with my issues…(fingers crossed, nonetheless). I have the following 3 requests/suggestions, for consideration:

  1. Option to change the GUI color scheme and/or contrast of the standalone MSEditor GUI.

Reason: I’m going blind looking at the MSEditor pages with those light gray over dark gray colours and minuscule fonts!

  1. Edit Preset page: Enclose all the information pertaining to a particular message within the same white-border rectangle.

Reason: In addition to the above, I make mistakes all the time adding or changing information on the wrong places by confusing which message it belongs to (even when I try hard to remember that the information within the white-border rectangle belongs to the message above it and not below it :/)

  1. Option to replace the Default Preset sequence within a Bank with the Custom sequence.

Reason: The process of creating Banks in a specific logical order (i.e. generic vs song-specific ones, for instance) is a haphazardous one when you’re starting to use the controller(s). After a while, the Custom Bank Order looks very different from the Default one and I have no use for the Default Bank -and my OCD (:P) won’t let me be (sigh)

Thanks a lot, for reading and, specially, for considering any of these suggestions.

thanks for the feedback!

For (1), we can look into implementing a theme selector under Editor Settings - but realistically we’ve got more urgent priorities to deal with right now. Have added it into our backlog

For (2), I’ll see how I can better organise this.

I didn’t quite understand 3 though. If you leave the custom bank sequence turned on all the time, then your controller will just work off that sequence, and technically you can just ignore the default bank sequence?

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@james , thanks a lot for your prompt response and for considering my first two suggestions/requests.

Requests (1) and (2) are the most important ones for me, as they are related with reducing the strain in my eyes; and I understand that you have to first deal with other more pressing requests.

Regarding (3), I just realized I totally screwed up explaining the case. I am actually refering to the Bank vs Custom Order, and not Preset order within a Bank. But it seems that you understood what I meant to say!

Anyway, the way I work is, once I’m satisfied with the order of the Banks I assign their positions to each of my songs in Onsong, for automatic selection, so it’s very unlikely that that order will change later. I get that some users might prefer the Set-oriented approach, arranging the Banks for specific performances.
This is more of a tidiness/logical issue for me, coming from my personal logic, so please ignore this request if you think it doesn’t make sense or does not justify the effort. I applauded the addition of the Custom Bank order, by the way.

I’ll probably end up rearranging the Default Bank order manually (copy-pasting and shuffling, he he), eventually.


Would a “Copy custom bank sequence to default bank sequence” feature work? So once you have arranged your custom bank sequence, you can use it to overwrite your default bank sequence.

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Totally! That’s exactly what I had in mind.
Thank you, James!

By the way, I wanted to clarify that when I wrote “I’m going blind!” on item (1), I meant it in a funny way -I always revisit what I write to make sure my message is clear.


spent some time today on the theme selector - have pushed it to the staging editor. I’m not the best CSS designer but hopefully this works!

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In original and dark mode the MSG x text was green, no more here :frowning:
Could we have an option with the old colors ? Please ?
Sorry but the new dark mode is very difficult to use and the ‘non dark’ … worse.

thanks for the feedback. We’ll see how better to display it - but other than that green text when action and message type is selected, nothing else is different right?

@james It’s coming up nicely, thanks a lot!

I don’t want to sound ungrateful and I apologize if I didn’t stress the visibility/legibility key factor when I mentioned the Editor theme before, but here it is: contrast, i.e. between the foreground (text) and the background (box field). So, please take the following observations as mere suggestions, bearing in mind that not two persons see (literally speaking) things the same way.

In this Light theme the following labels are hard to read due to the text vs background contrast (the text needs to be black or a darker gray, I think) : Short Name, Toggle Name, Long Name, Action, Type, Bank Name, Event

And the text on the second menu (from the top) labels (Edit Preset, etc) could be also in black for increased contrast (although you use black to denote selection) but they’re readable.

The magenta colour is clearly seen on this theme, as opposed to the darker theme.

The BANK and PRESET dropdown menus are readable too, though more so in the Dark theme.

The rest of the pages/windows fit in the above descriptions (light gray over slightly darker gray being the main culprit)

I think that having the option of (two) themes is a welcome feature. I know some well known music DAWs offer several themes, like Ableton Live, but I find thay very few are usable (but that’s just me)

Anyway, once again, your commitment has surpassed my expectations and it’s very much appreciated. I wish I could be of more help.


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thanks! the feedback helps. I’ll do some more research and hopefully the next iteration is better :ok_hand:
At least the light/dark function is working - making is look better is another thing :+1:


Annoying one :
The toggle switches are always same color whatever position they have.

PS : sometime css is a nightmare… good luck :wink:

took a low hanging fruit - I updated the font. Looks easier to read now, I think?
I thought the previous one looks slicker, but the font is thinner and definitely not as easy to see.

@james I think it does look more readable.

I agree with @CSurieux regarding the missing highlighting of the Msg x, Action and Type labels (Edit Preset screen) for active messages, though perhaps Green is not appropriate for the Light theme.

I hope this does not become a Pandora’s Box for you :slight_smile:

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