**Feature Request** Morningstar Editor 1.3.0 Offline Mode

I’m trying to use the Desktop Editor without internet access (our firewall blocks all internet access). It looks like the Windows-Morningstar-Editor-1-3-0.exe dumps out the Morningstar Editor.exe to a temp directory. I’ve tried copying that directory and running that .exe directly and allowing that application to bypass the firewall but it must be calling some other application or process that still needs internet access.

Without internet access all I get is a white screen when starting the program.

If I have internet access the program will start correctly.

Version 1.1.5 does not do this and works perfectly with no internet access.

Would the creation of an offline mode be possible? This would be helpful when needing to edit in situations (at a gig) where there is no internet access available anywhere (via hot spot or otherwise).

Thank you.

Why not just use chrome / brave to install the web version as an app?

Yes, have you tried installing the web version as an app? More info here: Installing the Editor for Offline Use

Thank you. I was able to allow the Brave browser internet access and use this. It would still be nice if there was a way to use this with no internet access.