[Feature Request] – More options for Fixed Switch Custom buttons please :)

I use my 3 button switch to list banks up and down, and I need only 2 switches for that. I don’t need toggle page button so I set the 3rd button to ‘do nothing’. But I would be happy to utilize it in a better way :slight_smile: If I could set it to send any particular MIDI message to other devices, I could toggle the tuner on/off on my HX Stomp or list presets on my Eventide H9 since it needs external switch to do that in both directions.

Is it possible, @james? :slight_smile:

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Which controller are you using?

It is possible - but I can’t commit to this feature yet. Ive added it into our backlog though (Sending PC or CC message with Fixed Sw Custom).


I tried to upload the picture, but it can’t be done for some reason. Just a usual 3 button switch. A guy in my town makes them to order.

Please, do! That will make the MC6 even more precious :slight_smile:

Sorry, I should have been more specific - I meant to ask which Morningstar unit you’re using. It sounds like you’ve got an MC6. Have you considered using the aux switch to access page 2 presets instead of the fixed-switch mode? It would be trivial to program two of those presets to work as Bank Up and Bank Down, and then use the third as whatever message you want. (Assuming you’re not already using the page 2 presets, that is.)

MC6, yes. You mean assign presets G,H,I to 3 buttons on aux switch and set them to my tastes? I did not think about that, but honestly it would be much more convenient to have the opportunity to set it in the Fixed Switch Custom mode once and avoid copy/pasting 3 presets to every bank.

I tried to set to Aux Switch mode. Switches are assigned to JKL presets. I set up preset J to send CC 68 so it could turn on/off the tuner on my HX Stomp, and K and L presets to bank down and up accordingly. Presets J (tuner) and L (bank up) are working as they should, but preset K (bank down) turns bank up/down randomly, I cannot understand why. Any thoughts, @james?

And when the Aux switch mode is set, the aux switch doesn’t work while connected to the Editor, while the Fixed switch Custom mode works even when connected to Editor.

The aux switch setting sets the aux sw to control presets in the controller. When engaging presets, some functions do not work when in editor mode. More info here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/211910676/Certain+Functions+Are+Not+Working

The fixed sw custom setting is different though. It engages a specific function and works whether or not it is connected to the editor.

Regarding the switches JKL, did you paste the presets to all banks? since you are using it to bank up/down, when the bank changes, the preset in the new bank needs to have the same settings too.

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Yes, I pasted the same presets to all 30 banks, they are identical. For some reason the second switch does bank up/down in random order and I can’t understand why.

That’s another reason to enhance this mode functionality. It’s much more convenient to adjust and use with the Editor.

Can you email us your controller data? What aux switch are you using?

It’s custom made by a local guy.

The build looks correct. Can you email us your controller data? I don’t think we received anything yet. I’ll try to replicate the issue in my controller with your data

I’ve just emailed to help@morningstarfx.com both the controller settings and banks backups. Hope that helps!

I just tested and it works fine on my controller + aux switch. Forgot to ask, which firmware version are you using? Can you try the latest v3.9.4 we just released?

Updated the firmware, but nothing changed :confused: