[Feature Request] MC6 BPM Display

My Configuration:

  • Morningstar MC6 (MkII)
  • Line 6 HX Stomp

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a functionality to configure CC Tap to display BPM (& blink) where the name would be instead of the name of the stomp function.
For example, allowing an option for Name Fields to just display BPM 120 or maybe even just the number.

A %code for the BPM would be really handy.

Yes, using a %MC or something might be possible. We thought about this before but there’s some challenges around keeping the short names of all presets in sync.

For example, if you have %MC in Preset A and D, when you tap in a tempo in Preset A, Preset D needs to be kept updated as well. Also, when incoming MIDI Clock signal sets the BPM, these needs to be updated as well.

Technically do-able, but just not sure about the overheads yet. We can explore this again I guess.

Hey @james
Thank you for considering this.
It would even be helpful if maybe there was a setting that you can configure with Tap Tempo to display the BPM temporarily. Not exactly sure if that would make things easier from a display standpoint, but just a thought.

For example, the same way that the Long Name displays, wondering if there could be an option for the BPM to display while tapping.

I believe HX Stomp Users may find this really useful since the HX Stomp doesn’t have a friendly way to display BPM aside from the blinking light feature.

Hello @james ,

Was wondering if there were potentially any updates on this.

Seems just released in 3.9.0

Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Yup, it’s in the latest beta firmware