Feature Request: Looper (or instant?) mode for individual actions

As far as I understand, Looper mode allows you to send press messages instantly but at a global level, that is, it will immediately impact all switches and actions.
I think it would make more sense if one could set this per action, it would give way more versatility and you wouldn’t have to enter/exit looper mode back and forth depending on what you plan to press next.
What do you guys think?

Logically it’s not possible to do it on a per action level because this mainly affects the Press action (The purpose of Looper Mode lets the preset send out messages immediately, and Press action is the first action to be executed).

We have plans to add a setting (in controller settings likely) for users to select which Switch(es) to link to Looper mode.


Now this is a cool idea; assigning Looper Mode permanently to a single switch instead of having to commit the whole system based on a situation.

That also sounds great :slightly_smiling_face:

Even if you could do this “per Bank” that’d be a win.

Try assigning Looper Mode upon entry to your desired bank in the Bank Settings. You can then leave Looper Mode upon exit of said bank.

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