[Feature Request] Link mode to combine mulitple controllers :-D

Would that somehow be possiblle. I’d like to use two MC8’s. Well, I guess basically this works. Only special actions like letting one controller jump a bank on the other one can’t be performed with a bank jump message but by sending PC/CC. Also a button to jump to last used bank wouldn’t work across two devices. Ah and “on disengage” messages wouldn’t work (how is one MC8 realizing, that the other selected a new preset. I’m just dreaming… I know I can add 6 Switches to acces Presets Q to V, but with the missing presets names, Ill have to give them fixed functions (thinking of midi clock tap, tgl page, bank up/down, jump to last bank, jump to home bank, … hey that’s six functions, perfect :smiley: ) On the other hand, I’d have more CC wavefrom engines available. Well, I have to think about that! When the ML?X will be available I might replace my G3 Atom with a second MC8 :smiley:

I used an MC8 with an MC6 for a while, and it worked great using PC/CC messages back and forth.