[Feature Request] Keystroke modifiers

I like controlling my device with MIDI signals, but sometimes I also use the MC6 for the purpose of controlling my MAC. This is made possible thanks to the new Keystroke feature. However, I have found that this feature is somewhat limited. Currently, MC6 can only assign 2 Modifers to Keystroke, but most of the 2 Modifer Keys are already defined in complex MAC software, so the desired function is often ignored.

Could you increase the number of modifers to 3 or more? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m not sure yet, but I’ll just add this into my backlog first.

What kind of modifier combinations are you thinking of? If it’s common, maybe I’ll just add it as an additional option in the current modifiers. Like having an option “CTRL + SHIFT” in Modifier1 for example.

If you dont have plan to add 3rd modifier, CTRL+SHIFT in Modifier 1 will be enough and useful ! :slight_smile:

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This enhancement would also be very useful to me.

I use SongBook on a Mac, and I would like to control the scrolling speed.
SongBook requires the Mac’s “Control”, “Command” and “+” (shift =) to do increase the scrolling speed. I can get SongBook to slow down the scrolling speed, but not to increase it.

Also, the Mac’s “fn” key does not appear to be on the list of valid modifier keys.

Keep up the great work! I really enjoy my MC8!

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thanks for the feedback.

I can add this keystrokes into the v3.9 firmware, and hopefully it works for you?

It is akin to pressing the + button on the keypad.

For the Fn key, there isn’t a keystroke for that as that key is just to toggle the mac keyboard to select other keystrokes, but does not do anything in terms of sending keystrokes to the CPU. e.g. pressing Fn + F12 increases the volume, but that is really just a Key Media volume increase keystroke

I will add a Ctrl + Shift and Ctrl + Alt modifier keystroke as well.

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Thanks - This will be helpful!

I just installed the new 3.9.1 firmware and gave the added keystroke controls a try with “SongBook”.
Just what I needed - great work!