[FEATURE REQUEST?] How to Scroll thru and select MC8 Banks

I want to use the same process of scrolling thru an fx pedals presets, to scroll thru the MC8 Banks and select one to jump to.
Is this currently possible using existing PC messages?
If so how?
Or can a
‘Global’ Bank Counter array be created with a pointer - so you can use it with the existing scroll counter methods.
E,g using three switches
[increment bank counter only] [jump] [decrement bank counter only]

Do you mean you want to scroll through the banks of the MC8, while sending scrolling PC messages as well to your other devices?

Thanks for the prompt reply James.
Perhaps I wasn’t clear.

I wanted to be able to select a MC8 bank - without having to use the ‘dual button’ press default method to physically scroll through each bank.I.e. press (and hold) buttons A&B to bank down - press (and hold) C&D to bank up, as shown in the MC8 manual.

If you do that - the ‘on enter’ & ‘on exit’ events are triggered for every bank you scroll through, that has them set up.

Instead of doing that, the method I want to use instead, is the same as the ‘preset scroll’ method.(by using a counter)
So I can have a MC8 bank named ‘Navigation’ that is set up to allow me to scroll through the MC8 bank numbers WITHOUT triggering them.
Then ‘SELECT’ the bank I want, to actually choose it, and perform a ‘bank jump’ to it.

hope thats clear.

Best regards

Bob Watson

I have now done it.
I have used the PC Number scroll method and sent it back to the MC8.
The issue was I didn’t return my MIDI chain back to the MC8 MIDI IN port.

Best regards

Bob Watson

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