**Feature Request** Heel/Toe Down Select Exp Message


This should be an easy one to fix because it is a combination of two already existing features.

It would be useful to activate the Select Exp Message when putting the Expression pedal in Heel/Toe Down position.

Let me explain why:
I use my MC6 with two analog synthesizers and do a lot of filter sweeps with an expression pedal. For example on many songs do I leave the expression pedal on 100% and changes two another preset for the chorus.

When I then comes to verse two and back to the first patch, I have to deselect all Exp Messages when entering the preset, then move the expression pedal, and then activate the Exp message. Takes a lot of work for something that could/should be natural.


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How about generalizing this to allow an arbitrary range of expression values (of which heel and toe are just two examples that could be setup).

This could be specified by start/stop in percent. (heel down would be 0 to 1 … or more), or a value and an epsilon/tolerance (100% with an epsilon of 1 (or more) for toe down).

This could be used for extreme pedal values (heel/toe down) to trigger events and also use the pedal to jump between ranges of discrete values (e.g., low, medium, high volume/distortion, change effect types, etc.). Also reduces the need for the MC device to calibrate what us meant by heel/toe down per each user’s preference and pedal type.

Bonus points for adding options for a wait time during which the pedal must stay in the range before triggering. This would be useful to allow a wah auto off when the pedal is heel down for a short while (but not trigger when the heel down position is swept through quickly). Also be useful to have the opposite event (when I move the pedal after it is off, send the wah enable). Perhaps this needs some “state” to keep this from triggering again until the expression moves out of the range.


Great idea! I support it 100%.

Yeah that’s nicely thought through. Can see all sorts of use cases for that @quadstar

Really great idea, quad!

Sounds good. Let’s do this :+1:

We can look into this when we start working on the next update :+1: