[Feature Request] Generate random CC values in a predefined range

Hey all! I reached out recently to Morningstar about adding a feature to allow for random message values, but they said they were unsure how much the community would be interested in it. They said if the community showed interest, they’d look into implementing it. Being an effects pedal fanatic, I know the community loves effects pedals because they’re in search of the “perfect tone”, but also because they love weird sounds. So if you’re interested, post below!

Background: I make effects pedals for myself using Teensy microcontrollers for the sole reason that I have trouble getting the functionality I want from the pedals I own. However, it takes a long time to design effects in C++ (not to mention building the pedal), and it’d be incredibly useful if I could get the same functionality via a midi controller like the Morningstar MC series.

The feature: Randomization is key to weird sounds, and it’d be rad as hell to be able to do any of the following:

1. Send a message with a random value within a range.

  • Ex: Have a footswitch send a message to a delay pedal that assigns a random delay time within a range.

2. Send a message with a random value from an array of values.

  • Ex: Have a footswitch send a message to multiple pedals that randomly picks 0 (off) or 127 (on) for each message, resulting in a random combination of pedals each press.

3. Generate messages at random intervals within a range.

  • Ex: Have the controller jump to a random tremolo speed at random intervals

4. Generate a random curve for connecting values.

  • Ex: Automatically step through values in a predefined sequence on a pitch shifter and transition randomly between them, so it might jump to the next pitch immediately, or glide linearly, or a bezier curve, effectively creating a very versatile random arpeggiator. (I made a pedal of this idea. Very cool for computery bleeps and blips!)

These features would be awesome together to allow for crazy combinations. If you were to set up a delay pedal to switch to random delay times at random intervals, you have an instant Radiohead effect. The sky is the limit!


I am definitely interested by having some randomness in the CC messages
(both continuous and discrete as you propose).
Some rare and creative pedals have random modulation built-in (Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water, Cooper FX Outward, Keeley Bubbletron, CBA Thermae…), and having such possibility for any midi-capable pedal would be great.

I’ve definitely wanted to play with the Thermae and a few of the others you mentioned. Cooper FX had an arpeggiator that was pretty rad a few years ago, but quickly discontinued. If the MC series had a random number generator, most if not all of those sounds could be achieved with normal pedals (given they have midi input).

I fully agree that this would allow the MC6/MC8 to make a big leap in soundscaping.
I know that James from Morningstar is very busy with putting v3.8 out.
Hopefully he might be interested to consider such random generator for a later release, if this is technically possible.

Just a bump, as I’d love to have RNG in any form in for the MC series. It would open up a whole subset of pedal enthusiasts to MIDI who mainly see it for recalling presets rather than creating new sounds. It can be so much more!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve got this on my backlog to explore but have not been able to prioritise this yet

Some ability to generate randomness would be very cool. One (relatively!) easy way to do this would be to add a Random playback mode in the CC Sequencer. (Ideally, I’d love to see options for Reverse and Ping-Pong playback as well, similar to the EHX 8 Step.)


howdy folks, just recently got myself an mc6 - been loving the device and all the sonic doors it has opened for me!

i’d also love to see some random possibilities realised

seems like many midi capable pedals are used for generative/ambient/experimental purposes, i feel like adding more random possibilities would be most useful for artists working in these (and other) fields

i’d definitely get a lot of use out of a random cc waveform generator

having access to more than the current four different waveform generators, at any one time, would also be a bonus - i could easily use a dozen!

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We’ll add this in v3.9


Hell yeah! Looks like I’m buying an MC6!

I would love to see randomization of the cc sequencer. Case in point, I have a Tonal Recall from Chase Bliss. The square modulation is very prominent, and I would really like to have a control that randomly selects the three mod types (sine, triangle, square). I would enter 10 steps of sine, 4 of triangle, and 2 of the square. With a random selection, this would get super-interesting.

Also, if it is possible to “chain” two or more sequencer engines, that would be nuts…